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Here are some multimedia files of things I've done

Here are some articles that have quoted me

There are some more on worstcases.com


ABCnews.com, on the 2000s

Interview with Judith Leblein of WCTC, about Worst Cases, September 27, 2006

Home News Tribune, on the significance of 9.11, September 11, 2005.

Live radio interview, about my book Worst Cases, on WCTC, September 13, 2005.

On February 10, I was interviewed by NBC's affiliate in Providence, Rhode Island, about disaster preparedness. You have to temporarily disable pop-ups in your browser to see this.

On October 16 I was on ABC's World News Weekend, talking about the challenges faced by Katrina's evacuees and their host communities. A golf tournament truncated the show in the east, but apparently the rest of the country saw it.

I was on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, talking about the situation of Katrina's evacuees. The segment is called "Relocation Challenges in Louisiana." September 12, 2005

Interview about an evacuation plan in Newark NJ, which aired on WWOR-TV 10 November 2004.

NPR 9 August 2004, on the 9.11 Commission report and terror-readiness

A presentation I did in February 2004, on near earth objects. This is a large file. If you don't have broadband, don't try it.

An interview about y2k, on National Public Radio The segment aired on 12 January 2000. Note that the file is over 2 megabytes.