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Lee Clarke, a sociologist at Rutgers University, is author of "Mission Improbable", from the University of Chicago Press. He is an internationally known expert in disasters, and organizational and technological failures. Examples are the bioterrorism, the World Trade Center disaster, and airline accidents.

He has written about the Y2K problem, risk communication, panic, civil defense, evacuation, community response to disaster, organizational failure, near earth objects, and is currently writing a book about the idea of worst cases. Specific examples of writing include work on Three Mile Island, large oil spills, and contingency planning for many types of calamities. Dr. Clarke has written for, or been featured in, the Atlantic Monthly, Boston Globe, National Public Radio, and the Washington Post, the NY Daily News, among others.

His current projects include work on the idea of worst cases. Worst cases are instances of calamity that are beyond imagination. Historical examples are the Hindenburg disaster or the Black Death. More recent examples are Chernobyl and the explosion of TWA 800 after taking off from JFK airport. The World Trade Center attack is one of the worst things that's ever happened to American society.

Clarke is also currently writing about the problem of panic, leadership and terrorism, and risk communication. Research shows that people hardly ever panic when we would most expect them to--in the midst of life threatening circumstances such as burning theaters or large scale disasters.

His latest book is Mission Improbable: Using Fantasy Documents to Tame Disaster. Contact information: 732.445.5741; lee@leeclarke.com.


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